Transforming Ngara

Embarking on a Visionary Journey: Pioneering Change

In a momentous stride, Marathon, in collaboration with the NBTS, orchestrated an event that united the brilliant minds of policymakers, urban planners, researchers, designers, and creatives. This gathering served as a dynamic forum for the exchange of groundbreaking ideas aimed at elevating, constructing, and reshaping Ngara.

Envisioned as a catalyst for positive environmental transformation within the CBD area, the initiative seeks to foster spaces that not only enhance the surroundings but also cultivate harmonious communities. The hope and desire behind these initiatives is to provide brighter futures for our cities.

This pivotal meeting stands as a beacon of change, serving as a collaborative hub to set up projects and programs poised to tackle the challenges inherent in this transformative journey. As PLANNING we are thrilled to be integral to the positive impacts of reshaping the landscape of African cities. Together, we forge ahead into a future where innovation and strategic planning meet for the growth and development of our communities.

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