Our Story

We are a prominent architectural firm that was founded in 1978 in Nairobi, Kenya. Our expertise lies in the fields of land use, planning, and urban design. We believe in the transformative power of design, enabling us to craft captivating human experiences within sustainable and vibrant buildings and spaces. 

 Our approach is rooted in our clients' values and facility requirements, guiding us to harness the unique opportunities of each project site while remaining mindful of practical considerations that drive project economies. This philosophy fosters ongoing dialogue and collaboration with our clients, from initial concepts to project realisation. 

 At PLANNING, we take pride in our comprehensive approach to every project, offering strategic thinking and design solutions that provide the best possible value. Our diverse team of architects and designers has a proven track record in design proficiency, project execution, construction oversight, as well as contract and cost management. They bring not only professional expertise but also integrity, enthusiasm, humour, and unwavering determination to each endeavour. 

 Over the past four decades, we have significantly shaped Nairobi's skyline with iconic high-rise projects such as the Kenya Commercial Bank Pension Tower, Lonrho House, and Investments and Mortgages Bank. In the hospitality sector, our portfolio includes internationally acclaimed establishments like the Four Points Sheraton JKIA, Mombasa Serena Beach Hotel and Spa, and Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club, among others. 

 In the residential realm, we are renowned for designing award-winning developments like Lakeview Estate in Lower Kabete, Imara Daima Housing Estate, and Komarock Phase I in Nairobi. 

 PLANNING Project Management Ltd. is actively engaged in project management and construction oversight, spanning buildings, major infrastructure projects, and land use developments, from conceptualization to completion. 

 Our division, PLANNING Energy + Environment, specialises in providing environmental design and analysis services to both existing and upcoming projects. 

With a well-established track record of delivering quality projects, regardless of size, within budget, and on schedule, PLANNING has earned a solid reputation for excellence. 


At our core, we are deeply committed to excellence in everything we undertake. But we don't stop there. We believe in complementing this unwavering commitment with an environment that fosters creativity and mutual support. We highly cherish the values of self-expression and individualism within our community. 

Ongoing Professional Growth and Learning

Indeed, it's a universal truth that none of us can claim to possess all knowledge. Consequently, Our teams approach each day with an open mindset, embracing it as a chance to expand our horizons and evolve. PLANNING’s commitment lies in constant skill enhancement, refining our critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities, all with the aim of ensuring seamless operations for everyone engaged in our projects.

Pioneering Advancements for Society

Motivated by the warm-hearted, generous, and ingenious spirit of Jim Archer, and his profound dedication to enhancing communities, especially through the community cooker, we have taken up the torch. Our relentless pursuit is to bring about a positive influence that paves the way for a thriving society in the years to come.

Friday Fine Fun Day !

Friday Fine Fun Day !

Balancing work and play is essential to us. We recognize the importance of allowing our minds and bodies the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate after periods of intense work and heavy workloads. That's why our Friday after-hours activities hold a vital place within the PLANNING community.