The Atrium

The concept for The Atrium is based on Mies Van de Rohe’s timeless architectural concept of “less is more”. All visible surfaces have been carefully proportioned so that they are functional and visually pleasing yet maintaining a clean, simple aesthetic.

The Atrium is one of the few dedicated environmentally sustainable buildings in Kenya; it requires no air-conditioning and all the internal spaces are designed to function primarily with natural lighting during the day. This building has been designed to function via low energy solutions that offer the best building thermal performance (maximum peak temperatures do not exceed 27° C).

The ATRIUM is designed around very simple and effective Environmental Sustainability design strategies:

Office Space is designed around a central ventilation courtyard; with directional fresh air movement from offices into the courtyard via a stack effect updraft.

The exterior western facade is finished in UV filtering glass curtain walling to reduce solar heat gains to the building while still maximizing daylight in office spaces.

Permanently vented partition walls that permit natural cross airflow.

Water fixtures are designed to function on timer releases in order to ensure that water flow is just sufficient.

All light fixtures utilize modern energy-saving bulbs.

The building has a net lettable area of 80,000 sq feet built over 6 floors around an internal landscaped courtyard. All offices conform to high international standards, with appropriate facilities for technology as well as health and safety. The building has ample parking with 218 bays. There is a 100% power backup generator, 2 weeks dedicated water reserve, fire-fighting water reserve tanks, and secure fire escape routes. The Atrium is handicap accessible, with ramps and specialized washroom facilities on all floors.