Templeton House

Templeton House Office Building is situated in the lush and green neighborhood of Westlands in Nairobi, Kenya. This four-story office building is designed to be a harmonious blend of efficiency and mid-century modern aesthetics, reflecting the spirit of contemporary workspace design while integrating seamlessly into the natural beauty of the surroundings.

The primary design concept for this project is to create a sustainable and functional workspace that pays homage to the mid-century modern architectural style. This style emphasizes clean lines, open spaces, and a strong connection to nature. The well-treed environment in Westlands serves as a key inspiration, with the building’s design intending to embrace and enhance its natural surroundings.

The building is conceived to optimize workspace functionality. It offers ample floor space while ensuring efficient circulation and the use of natural light. The exterior of the building will feature sleek lines, minimalistic fa├žades, and a neutral color palette, characteristic of mid-century modern design. Large, punched windows and select open terraces will connect the interior with the exterior, promoting a sense of openness and harmony with the environment.

The ground level is dedicated to parking facilities, ensuring convenient and secure access for tenants and visitors.