PLANNING is currently designing Samara Estate, an affordable housing development located in Migaa, Kiambu, on a 19-acre site. The estate is envisioned to provide affordable housing options and is designed to incorporate various amenities and features.

The development consists of a total of 1,959 units, with 1,488 units being 3-bedroom units and 471 units being 2-bedroom units. These units are distributed across 26 blocks, each comprising 9 or 10 floors. The aim is to create a well-planned and efficient layout that maximizes the available space.

In addition to the residential units, the development includes other essential facilities. These include a parking silo to accommodate residents’ vehicles, a nursery school to cater to the educational needs of families, recreational facilities for leisure and entertainment purposes, and retail spaces for convenient access to essential goods and services.

The site’s design takes into consideration the lush green landscape, seamlessly blending the development with its natural surroundings. Non-motorized transport options are incorporated to promote basic mobility and encourage residents to adopt healthier means of transportation. This promotes the well-being and overall health of the residents.

The spatial organization of the blocks aims to optimize the use of natural light, natural ventilation, and open views. This enhances the liveability of the units and encourages interaction with the natural environment. By maximizing these elements, the development creates a pleasant and sustainable living environment for the residents of Samara Estate.