Pepsi Cola

Built on an 11-acre existing brownfield site, with a significant 26-meter drop from the entrance to the end of the plot, the project involved constructing facilities for the production of Pepsi Cola brand soft drinks, a first of its kind in the country. The development comprised a production hall, warehouse facilities, administration building, gatehouse, and ancillary facilities.

To address the challenge of a disused quarry that had been used as a dump-site in the center of the site, PLANNING devised a solution by creating two different levels of flat earthworks, separated by an embankment. The larger production building and administration offices were situated on the upper area, while ancillary facilities like water tanks and an effluent treatment plant were located in the smaller lower area. This approach not only facilitated a more cost-effective structural option but also allowed for future expansion of the facility.

The production hall and warehouse zone were constructed entirely with steel sections to enable greater spans and were covered with a lightweight roof, ensuring a practical and efficient setup.

The bottling plant was meticulously designed and built to meet strict environmental specifications. Elaborate service requirements were carefully coordinated at the scheme design stage with input from specialists. This ensured that ducting, pipework, and cabling were efficiently integrated throughout the facility, promoting safety, ease of maintenance, and proper identification of utilities.

To govern the project, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) contract was utilized, ensuring proper management and adherence to industry standards throughout the development process.