Mission Aviation Fellowship Hangar

An exceptional client dedicated to the disciplined administration of its aviation facilities required a bold yet simple building as a visual statement of their aviation conviction to stand out amongst the increasingly visually eccentric and financially extravagant buildings being constructed at Wilson Airport.

The brief called for aircraft storage and maintenance facilities, modest passenger handling and waiting space, and the fellowship’s modest administrative offices. The site allocated to the Fellowship presented access and site drainage and foundation problems which had to be overcome.

PLANNING produced an ultra-simple outer envelope to enclose all of their required facilities, with passenger/pilot/maintenance staff entering and exiting at the West end of the building and aircraft arriving and leaving at the East end of the building. This elegant industrial aircraft hangar was built entirely from locally pressed prefabricated pre-painted steel logically planned and simply detailed and completed.

This NATIONAL AWARD WINNING solution stands out at Wilson for its visually simple design statement, and its immaculate attention to detail.