Mi Vida KEZA Housing

Conceived as the residential component of what is a wider master planned mid-scale, mix-use development. Keza is a lower middle income residential development consisting of studio, 2 bed, and 3 bed apartment units.

Located in Riruta, this community’s vision was from the very start aimed at enhancing a vacant lot within the heart of this fast-growing residential neighborhood, especially aided by its superb connectivity. The masterplan encompasses a unique combination of commercial, living, leisure, and shopping spaces.

The design addresses the pragmatic and qualitative aspects of residential life by providing all required modern amenities, convenience, and social well-being, qualities that are often unaddressed in the urban environment in developing countries.

The development aims to play a vital role in the transformation and inspiration to the wider context of the precinct, providing quality yet inexpensive opportunities for affordable residences, in combination with green methodologies to promote a humane and comfortable living.