Kilimanjaro Hotel

PLANNING was requested by Westmount Hospitality Group in the USA to do a proposal for the refurbishment of the Kilimanjaro Hotel, originally built in 1965. The location was ideal; unlimited views of the harbor on one side and the city on the other, spread across a 5-acre plot. Although the structure of the hotel was still intact, the inside needed a lot of work, and the exterior required a facelift to remove the 1950s feel.

10% of the rooms are to be converted into suites, therefore having 20 in total instead of the original 2. The rooftop restaurant is to be turned into a tamarind-style party area, and the pool is to move to the front by the coffee shop. The hotel is to be 3-4* according to international standards, encompassing a “holiday inn” feel, and is expected to sell at $100 per night.