Keysaney Green

Preliminary masterplan concept for 250 acres of waterfront mixed-use development north of central Mogadishu.

The vision for Keysaney Green is to develop a secure self-contained, modern, economically viable, mixed-use city district. It will become an attractive part of the capital and encourage improvement of the area immediately to the south of Keysaney, being the old part of Mogadishu. The concept encompasses an integration of well-planned property development with environmental and social considerations, set above any other development of this kind in Somalia, if not East Africa. Keysaney Green will set a new standard of quality and be a benchmark for the region.

Each of the properties within Keysaney Green will be set in a quality landscape setting. This will predominantly be a car-free environment, with well-developed and attractive public spaces. The integration and mix of activities and uses – residential, commercial, educational as well as social – is sought throughout the site. The development will promote a lifestyle that combines work, leisure, and service, with housing. The mixed-use city district will appeal both to the local population and its increasing wealth base, as well as an international clientele.

Keysaney Green will be a considerable contribution to Mogadishu’s urban growth, being driven by increased security and accelerating development. The area will provide much-needed housing, education and health facilities, international hotel presence, restaurants, retail, and leisure facilities currently lacking.

The spatial layout of the area creates a distinctive block structure, with generous residential courtyards. Two disused stone quarries are proposed to be transformed into recreational space and parks, incorporating stormwater features and be utilized as water reservoirs. Along the coastline, a 2 km long public promenade offers unhindered views of the ocean.