Karen Waterfront

The Karen Waterfront complex is a ground-breaking mixed-use urbanism in Karen. As Nairobi undergoes its current rapid urbanization and infrastructure upgrades, the Waterfront was designed to offer not just new real estate space but also much-needed open and enjoyable public open space. Karen is currently at a crossroads, undergoing change from a suburban to a more urban development.

Karen Waterfront, located within the Karen Triangle, includes 25,000 square meters of retail space organized around an 8-acre lake, which is encircled by a landscaped boulevard to be followed by future extensive high-end residences and offices. The Waterfront is planned as a village to work, live, and play; a place where one can walk in the street in a secure and well-planned urbanism.

The Karen Triangle, which is defined by the Karen, Ngong, and Langata roads, is a zone earmarked for mixed-use development within the greater Karen Area, which is mostly zoned for residential development.

The design inspiration for the development is “Urban Savannah”. For PLANNING, this means respecting the landscape of Karen, and more so, celebrating it. The Karen Waterfront is poised to set a precedent for sustainable development within the Karen landscape