Imperial Health Sciences

The Imperial Health Sciences Regional Distribution Centre is a “high-rack” climate-controlled warehouse designed to stringent international standards, including FM Global, which is the industrial building standard for insurer-approved buildings. It is situated on a 5-acre site along Mombasa Road, with an adjacent plot earmarked for future expansion.

The project faced challenges in accommodating a complex indoor and outdoor logistical cycle for goods receipt and dispatch on a limited site. Additionally, it required housing various mechanical and electrical equipment within strict budgetary constraints and in accordance with FM Global’s rigorous standards. To maximize space utilization, equipment was placed on all available horizontal surfaces, including flat roofs, and underground wherever feasible. The proposed materials aimed to be cost-effective, energy-efficient, and compliant with FM Global’s stringent standards. The building’s placement was carefully planned to allow for sequential vehicle movement, aligning with the client’s requirements.

The warehouse comprises over 5,000 square meters of warehouse floor space, a cold room, receiving and dispatch docks, logistical spaces, and several administration areas. Its technical design incorporates redundant temperature-control equipment and advanced fire suppression systems. The building envelope features modern clean-line insulated metal cladding, providing a contemporary aesthetic while maintaining the required internal temperatures. The vast roof surface is designed for rainwater collection and recycling.

The Imperial Health Sciences Regional Distribution Centre is designed to meet the demanding needs of pharmaceutical and consumer goods distribution, ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency.