Housing for all

In keeping with rapid urbanization in Kenya and the entire African continent, PLANNING is at the forefront of creating innovative housing solutions for the diverse socio-economic range of urban residents that drive our nations’ growth.

The primary design driver behind this effort is dignified affordability: Optimized but well-designed and very well finished architecture that prioritizes inclusive communities by incorporating shared social spaces, community centers, schools, and healthcare facilities to improve the overall well-being of residents and foster a sense of belonging.

We are creating architectural housing solutions that incorporate cost-effective construction methods, using locally sourced materials, and adopting innovative building techniques to reduce construction costs without compromising on quality.

Sustainable design practices are also mandatory drivers as we are well aware that our continent is especially resource-scarce and therefore these communities naturally incorporate passive design strategies to maximize natural ventilation and lighting, rainwater harvesting systems, and promote the use of renewable energy sources to reduce ongoing operational costs.