Costal Botler Mtwapa

Several possible sites were examined before this 6-hectare green field site was ultimately selected, largely on account of the relative ease for vehicle access and adequate space on site to accommodate the extensive effluent treatment plant that this development would require.

Demands for water were far in excess of the local authorities’ ability to deliver the same. It was therefore necessary to look to additional supplies. These were met by the very disciplined use of rainwater harvesting in tandem with a borehole and massive water storage tanks.

The disposal of the extensive and regular volumes of effluent was also a major design challenge, as was the clients’ requirements for a minimal columned structure.

PLANNING worked very closely with the Structural Engineer Mangat I.B. Patel to ensure the client was provided with as column-free a structure as was economically possible. Administration accommodation is located at the first-floor level so that clear views over the facility floor areas are provided.