Capstone Heights Apartments

The new Capstone Loresho Development is designed and sited a stone throw away from the city’s major landmarks and transportation routes. It conceptually juxtaposes and carefully mixes components such as Public & Private, Modern & Traditional.

Designed with the idea of community at its core, the project develops outwards, promoting communal activities, spaces for gathering – all positioned to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. By creating a cluster of unique neighborhoods that cascade downslope, connected and unified by pedestrian-only routes.

The new residents will benefit from a sense of privacy, as well as truly develop a sense of community. A sequence of carefully designed spaces and landscapes will create a series of vivid experiences. From sprawling landscapes for entire families to enjoy, to more private pedestrian promenades – each public zone is designed to cater to diverse community demographics.

One of the most innovative features is the introduction of a linear park that connects the various ‘unique villages.’ The beautifully landscaped park unifies the development and hosts a diverse range of community spaces. From neighborhood cafes to the community gym. All spaces spill over and activate the stunning space.