Transforming Ngara

Transforming Ngara Embarking on a Visionary Journey: Pioneering Change In a momentous stride, Marathon, in collaboration with the NBTS, orchestrated an event that united the brilliant minds of policymakers, urban planners, researchers, designers, and creatives. This gathering served as a dynamic forum for the exchange of groundbreaking ideas aimed at elevating, constructing, and reshaping Ngara. […]

Planning is Moving

Planning is Moving After 35 cherished years at PLANNING House on Lower Kabete Road, it’s exciting to embark on a new chapter. Your remarkable journey began 45 years ago on 1st May, and since then, you’ve seen tremendous growth and success.

Planning 45

Planning at 45 At Planning Systems Services, our story began 45 years ago in the unlikeliest of places. The scene is set in Nairobi’s Industrial Area on 1st May 1978, the founding date when the practice’s first offices were set up above a used car garage. Our mission was clear from the start: to impact […]

Industrial Modernization

Industrial Modernization Supporting Africa’s industrial modernization, PLANNING has developed and refined its capabilities in designing and delivering industrial and distribution facilities specifically designed to cater for the country and region’s fast-paced changes in technology, consumer demands, and supply chain dynamics. In each one of our industrial and distribution projects, flexibility and adaptability are crucial drivers. […]

Housing for all

Housing for all In keeping with rapid urbanization in Kenya and the entire African continent, PLANNING is at the forefront of creating innovative housing solutions for the diverse socio-economic range of urban residents that drive our nations’ growth. The primary design driver behind this effort is dignified affordability: Optimized but well-designed and very well finished […]